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2016-2017 Travel Team Registration

Registration is open for those players selected to a 2016-2017 Travel Team.


Thank you for everyone who came out to the Rec Roundup. It was great seeing all the players out on the ice. More details will follow soon about the online rec registration.

Volunteer - Joe Hall

One of our HNS coaches was recently featured in their employee newsletter. Read more about one of our hardworking volunteers, Joe Hall.

Where do you spend your time volunteering?
Joe Hall has been volunteering for the Harford North Stars Ice Hockey Club, in Harford County, Maryland since September 2013. He manages a number of the club’s on-ice coaching activities, from running skill development practices for all of their age levels (8 to 14) and giving individual lessons—covering skating, shooting, game play, and stick handling—to coaching games for the travel and recreational teams.

The Harford North Stars is non-profit organization that was formed in 1998. They provide opportunities for boys and girls to participate in ice hockey while developing skills and a lifelong passion for the game and learning sportsmanship and teamwork. The club is affiliated with the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League and plays in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Why do you volunteer?
I get to share my love of the game of ice hockey with incredible kids. But for me, it’s also more than just about the hockey; I get to help develop good people who will have an impact on the future of this world.

How did you get started?
I didn’t play growing up, which is how most hockey coaches get their start. I started playing in my mid-twenties. I had watched for years and thought it was something I could do and really enjoy. I’d played roller hockey with neighborhood friends growing up and had been ice skating just twice before.

One day, after I’d been playing for a while, I approached the hockey director of the rink where I play, which is also where the North Stars train. I asked if he needed assistance with the youth hockey program. Obviously, he said yes. After my first time out with the kids, I was immediately hooked. I then looked for any opportunity I could assist on the ice with the kids.

What's your favorite part of volunteering?
There are so many best parts. In addition to knowing I make a difference in children’s lives, it would be:  the smiles on their faces, the joy they get from scoring a goal or assisting on a goal, seeing good sportsmanship in victory or defeat and (especially) when a child accomplishes a skill after telling me they can’t do it. I always tell them that “can’t” is not in their vocabulary when they’re on the ice.

Here’s a good example: I had one girl tell me she wasn’t able to do crossovers (a skating technique to build up speed or continue speed while turning) while skating. I told her she could, but that she just needed to challenge herself.  If you fall, I told her, so what?  I still fall all the time, but I get right back up. She went on to complete it. Many of the younger ones tell me they can’t skate backwards, but they end up doing it and they beam with joy after I tell them they did it all themselves.

This past season, we asked the Bantam kids (the 13 to 14 year olds) to list one thing they’d learned on the ice and one thing they’d learned off the ice. The off ice things were my favorite: 
• To be responsible with my school work
• Be respectful to people
• To be a good person off the ice no matter what
• Look good, then you feel good.  Feel good then you play good.
• Be respectful to others
• Be a gentleman
• Be thankful
• Always give a good effort in life
• Make sure someone brings the water bottles
• When you dress nicely for a game, you not only show respect for your club, you become a gentleman
• Respect my peers and always be positive


Harford North Stars

The Harford North Stars is non-profit organization that was formed in 1998. The HNS is a Tier II travel hockey and rec club based out of Ice World in Abingdon, Maryland. Our club fields teams from Mite through Midget age groups.

Harford North Stars endeavors to provide opportunities for youth to participate in the competitive sport of Ice hockey while developing a lifelong passion for the game of hockey, developing their skills, and learning sportsmanship, and teamwork.

The Harford North Stars is currently affiliated with the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League ( and plays in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. metropolitan area in accordance with the rules of and guidelines of USA Hockey. For more information, please email


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