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Fundraising Options

Level 1: Sign up for Amazon Smile

Help the HNS by passively donating a portion of your shopping with AMAZON.

Our unique charity link:

North Stars, players, families, friends, and super-fans,

If you use to purchase ANYTHING, please take a minute to check out Amazon Smile. This will help the Harford North Stars Youth Hockey program defer costs.

Amazon is willing to gift the program .5% on any sales it receives through our Smile link.  It doesn't cost the consumer anything extra and has the potential to be a game changer for the club.  

You do need to return to Amazon Smile each time you purchase an item.  But this can be done by creating a bookmark or installing the Amazon assistant button.

Every penny helps, and would also help us to alleviate fees for some of our members who may not be as financially viable as others, yet still want their kids to have the opportunities and challenges that our great sport provides.

Please share our link with your families, friends, and hockey fans.

Level 3: Apply for Corporate Donations -or- Matching Donations

Various club members have participated in their company donation program. If your company offers a donation program please email us. The club is already registered with Benevity and Guidestar which supports 200 giving portals.

Join our Foundraising Ring of Honor members in Level 3: 

  1. Paul Hatcher
  2. Joe Hall
  3. Jim McBee
  4. Jaimee Reiley

Please email the HNS Secretary, if the club needs to be registered with another company portal:



LEVEL 2: Support a Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Campaign  #1) HNS Texas Roadhouse Night  8/28 from 5-7 pm. 10% of every check goes to HNS.
(POC: Rachell McDermott; Lauren Pietrowski)

Fundraising Campaign  #2) Thirty One Gift Bag Sale Campaign The Fundraiser will run from October 1-25 and HNS will receive a portion of all sales. Order forms and an online account for sales will be set up. (POC: Lauren Pietrowski)

Fundraising Campaign  #3) HNS Jersey Sales Customized HNS jerseys are available for purchase at certain times during the season. (POC: Dustin Ives)

Fundraising Campaign  #4) HNS Golf Tournament HNS will host a golf outing 9/30 at Pleasant Valley Golf Course.
(POC: Rachell McDermott; Lauren Pietrowski)

Fundraising Campaign  #5) HNS Bull (and Shrimp) Roast HNS will return to Jarrettsville Gardens around 3/30.
(POC: Rachell McDermott; Lauren Pietrowski)

Fundraising Campaign  #6) HNS Chic-Fil-A Night  TBD
(POC: Rachell McDermott; Lauren Pietrowski)



LEVEL 4: Direct Donation

Over 200 Giving portals powered by GuideStar

  • AmazonSmile
  • Facebook
  • JustGive
  • Network for Good
  • VolunteerMatch



Please consider donating to the Harford North Stars. This will help us keep fees low and offset operating costs.


Are you concerned about the rising cost of youth hockey? Are you willing to become a part of the solution?

The HNS Board would like to announce that Rachell McDermott has been voted in as Fundraising Committee chairperson.  Please email Rachell at if you would like to assist in fundraising or if you have fundraising ideas. 

Rachell is joined on the Fundraising Committee by the following club members:

Lauren Pietrowski
Dennis Blume

Dustin Ives
Vince Reiley
Paul Kansler



Will you add your name to this list?


Sponsorship Packages: The club may enlist local businesses to sponsor the club and/or individual teams.