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Question of the Month

Why do we have player evaluations in April but still don’t have final rosters until September?

USA Hockey allows its affiliated programs to conduct player evaluations beginning in late April. Programs will announce dates for each age group evaluation to the hockey playing public. The players sign up and are then evaluated and placed on rosters. What also happens, though, is that players from other organizations will attend the evaluation sessions for multiple programs, and then decide where they want to play based upon team selection. The issue here is that these players do not always notify other programs of their choice and this impacts roster development. Another impacting issue concerns players who do not or cannot attend the evaluation sessions but then register for the program. These events cause roster moves and the replacement of players, prolonging the finalization of rosters.

We here at HNS are looking at this entire process and are working on possible solutions and procedures to better serve all players and coaches. Any suggestions by the membership are appreciated and will be considered. More to follow.

Don Zugner

What, exactly, are the CBHL and CCHL and how are our teams designated?

The CBHL is the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League where our “A” and “B” teams play. The CCHL is the Capital Corridor Hockey League and this is where our “C” teams play. The CCHL is a more developmental league whereas the CBHL provides more competitive groupings. This league has a set play-off format based on division standings. The CCHL provides an end-of-year round robin format where all teams are eligible for the CCHL Cup regardless of division standings. Teams in both leagues travel to game sites within their division,

Since we do not have a true in-house program, our CCHL teams our designated “C” and all team information can be found on the HNS website under “TEAMS”.

Don Zugner

What is included in the fee for each Travel A and B team player?

The fee includes a pro-rated amount for each of the following:

  • Skills sessions ice time
  • Tryout sessions ice time
  • Practice ice time
  • Home game ice time
  • Referee fees
  • League admission fees
  • Tournament entry fee
  • Coaching seminar/training registrations
  • Socks
  • Practice jerseys
  • Pucks, water bottles and first aid kits
  • Training Camp fees
  • Raffle tickets

Travel jerseys are not included in the fee as each player usually uses his/her jersey for more than one season.

The total team dollar amount is arrived at based on both historical and published fee data from USA Hockey, CBHL, SHOA, and vendors. The per-player amount is based on a 15 player roster.

Don Zugner